Our Programs: Mentoring

JUMP! BAM! SMAK! Sounds like a raucous comic book adventure, but these are actually acronyms for a much tamer (but immensely rewarding) activity.

JUMP (Judah United Mentor Project), BAM (Bears And Mentors) and SMAK (Sutter Mentors Adults & Kids) connect at-risk children with a caring, supportive adult mentor once a week during their school-scheduled lunch hour. Mentors have the opportunity to truly get to know their student over the course of the school year -- and provide ongoing love, guidance and encouragement. All visits are conducted in a safe and supervised environment, naturally.

Mentoring provides a stable, nurturing and trust-building relationship for kids (grades 1-8) in need of a positive role model. The fruits of this relationship include improved social behaviors, better school attendance and performance, and reduced emotional and behavioral difficulties.

If you'd like to learn more about mentoring opportunities, contact Salwa Kasabian. We'd love to match you with a child who could benefit from your help!

A Volunteer's Perspective

I've been mentoring my little guy for over a year now... It has been deeply rewarding to see our relationship grow -- and see the difference in him over that time. Hanging out with him at our Wednesday lunches has become one of the best parts of my week!
-- Bryan P., Folsom's Hope Mentor

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